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Experienced Help With Civil Litigation Matters

Difficult disputes on a variety of issues can often mean it’s time to go to court. This exposes businesses and individuals to substantial risk, including the time, stress and expense that accompanies litigation.

At Edenfield Trial Law in Statesboro, we understand you may be feeling anxious about your situation. Our experienced attorney can help you understand the law, your options, and will work to protect your interests and achieve your goals cost-effectively.

We Protect Your Interests

Our attorney is a skilled litigator who takes aggressive action to protect the legal and financial interests of our clients in courtrooms throughout Georgia. You can rely on her and our firm to assert your rights and pursue the full financial compensation you deserve in cases stemming from:

  • Contract disputes
  • Business tort claims
  • Construction litigation
  • EEOC disputes
  • Products liability
  • Damages to property
  • Defamation and First Amendment issues
These matters are often complex and place your finances at risk. In some cases, during early negotiations or discovery, we are able to resolve disputes before courtroom litigation becomes inevitable. Our strong record in court allows us to effectively argue your case and work to achieve results that efficient and cost-effective.

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